NLL New Age Stats

Hello! And welcome to NLL New Age Stats by, your home for experimental non-league affiliated metrics that use publicly available National Lacrosse League data to build upon the antiquated box scores that so many fans and media members find unsatisfactory. Subscribe to the LaxMetrics Blog to get every article and all NLL stats and metrics sent directly to your email inbox.

The goal behind this project is two fold:

  1. To expand upon the existing box score by using inputs readily available from league-tracked game data. What that means is that half of this project is about taking existing stats, combining them or using math to modify them in interesting ways, and creating new metrics from those findings that offer some kind of new information.
  2. To create new data inputs by inventing statistical categories that can be tracked independently. These are basic numbers that look like simple box score statistics, but are not actually tracked by the league and exist only in theory.

Check back every Wednesday morning for updated numbers.